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March 1, 2022

Old Stuff Day – A Donation Story

restore donations toolsAs a former Donations Coordinator here at San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I am a self-proclaimed expert in “Old Stuff.” There were days when I would answer 40 phone calls and countless email correspondence, each person on the other end with one goal – donating their old stuff in a timely manner. Although most phone calls were just about obtaining the most pertinent information, occasionally a donor had a bit more to share. 

In honor of National Old Stuff day (March 2nd), I’d like to tell you about Sally (a fictional name, but a real story). 

As I recited my usual salutations, “Habitat for Humanity, this is Cynthia speaking, how can I help you?” The donor on the other end of the phone call sounded different than the rest. She was calling about donating “old stuff,” but her tone was different than the usual donor. “Sally” was calling to donate items that her late husband left behind.

“Sally’s” husband had passed away just a few days prior, and had many tools left in the garage. His tools were kept in great condition, because her husband was a meticulous man who loved fixing and building things. As she described her husband’s items, through tears, I can hear how much she loved her husband and how strongly she felt about donating his items to a good cause. As I held back my own tears, I listened to her stories about how her husband could fix anything under the sun and if any of their neighbors needed something fixed, her husband was the one they would call. Sending her husbands prized tools off to SGV Habitat meant they would keep helping more people, living on in his memory. 

We later heard from our ReStore drivers that “Sally” had shared more stories with them. Thanks to her generosity, the items she donated were sold at our ReStore, where they not only found a new home, but they went to a good cause. All proceeds from the sale go towards our mission of repairing and building homes throughout San Gabriel Valley -building strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. 

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If you’re interested in scheduling your own donation pickup call our Donation Coordinators at 626-387-6900, email photos to or visit us at 


Atwater Village ReStore 

5201 W. San Fernando Rd.  

Los Angeles, CA 90039 

Drop off hours: 9am to 12pm 

Store hours: 9am to 5:30pm 


Duarte ReStore 

2215 Huntington Dr.  

Duarte, CA 91010 

Store hours: 9:30am to 6pm

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