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March 21, 2022

Spring Cleaning with the ReStore

spring cleaning, restore

It’s officially SPRING! You know what that means? Time for spring cleaning! Don’t worry, the ReStores are here to help. Not only can you count on us to pick up your donated items, but our ReStores sell various cleaning and organizational supplies too.

Spring Cleaning Tip #1- Schedule your Donation Pickup!restore donation items

Our ReStores provide a low-cost pickup service for your used furniture, appliances and building supplies. As you start your Spring cleaning, give us a call or email to schedule your pickup. When you’re ready, we’ll come by to pick up the dresser that’s been in the garage for years, the patio furniture you need to clear up before the new set arrives or that stack of unused tile from your bathroom project 3 years ago. See the list to view items we will accept for donation.

Spring Cleaning Tip #2 – Deep Clean & Organize Your Home

Our ReStores receive a weekly donation of various cleaning and organizational supplies. All of the products that we sell are at a low cost and often in bulk quantities. We also receive weekly donations of fresh linens and appliances. Spring is a great time to freshen up and stock your linen closet with new towels and bed sheets.restore paint colors

Spring Cleaning Tip #3 – Freshen Up the Paint around the house

This spring is the perfect time to add a fresh coat of paint. Both of our ReStores carry ½, 1- and 5-gallon buckets of paint in 17 colors at a low cost.
Prices range from:
½ gallons – $10 (limited colors only)
1 gallon – $15-$20
5-gallon buckets – $85-$96

Although our ReStores are open year-round, Spring is an especially fun time at our ReStore. As everyone is doing their Spring Cleaning, our ReStores fill up with lots of gently used furniture ready to find a new home. Make sure to stop by our ReStores either in person or online for all of your Spring Cleaning needs.

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